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About Us

ured-webCarpentry ” Crndić ” is a family business in which experience and knowledge is passed on  traditionally . We are  pleased  that  we can offer you  our products of solid  wood  for interior,  commercial and private interiors and exteriors.

Carpentry  “Crndić ” was founded in 1994. and has developed  from a small craft shop  specializing  in processing  massive  wood. Many years of work , experience and expertise  we have proven quality and reliability of our products and services and thus gain the trust and cooperation with renowned  business contractors in the country and abroad.

With a professional team of employees and  complete  technological equipment and machinery that we have, we are able to respond to any special requests when ordering , able to  make  series products,  able to develop a completely new product, create unique product  from  the standard items , and other  types of furniture to help the customer achieve their ideas and  wishes.

We cherish   the   tradition   of  making  high-quality  solid  wood  furniture , because it brings comfort and warmth of life.

Quality and value of our products have so far been recognized  by  many. With our furniture we have equipped  many  taverns,  wine shops , offices , restaurants, apartments, and of course the family houses.  In our program , there is a rustic  furniture that is recently very popular in the market. We thank  to everyone who contributed  to our development:  customers,  contractors , employees and friends of our craft shop.

Customized  Furniture

We are able to fulfill all your  wishes  , create custom furniture, and much more according to your design sketch.  We also offer restoration of old  furniture . To create all the furniture we use all kinds of solid wood.  All kinds of classic and modern fittings can be built-in furniture.

For all  the  furniture  we  make  service  delivery  and  assembly.

Decide for  the products of   ” Crndić ” carpentry

“Products  that are enjoyable and  PROUD  TO LIVE !”

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