Products that are enjoyable and proud to live!


We offer service of drying all kinds of wood in the thickness of 20-50 mm


Final surface treatment can be rough(brushed), which gives antiquity look and smooth , which is recommended for soft types of wood (linden, black poplar, cherry, walnut...) all depending on customer choice...


We produce unique wooden products from logs , retaining their natural shape and visible structure of wood. These solid products fit perfectly in a rustic style design, but also in modern environments, which give emphasis area to its natural forms.

About Us

Carpentry Crndić is a family business in which experience and knowledge is passed on traditionally. We are pleased that we can offer you our products of solid wood for interior, commercial and private interiors and exteriors. Carpentry Crndić was founded in 1994. and has developed from a small craft shop specializing in processing massive wood. Many years of work, experience and expertise we have proven quality and reliability of our products and services and thus gain the trust and cooperation with renowned business contractors in the country and abroad.